’Tis pity it’s an apostrophe

Here is a list of contractions (and one Arabic word) from thefreedictionary.com which require an apostrophe at the start to indicate the omission of a character (or a breathing). Word and InDesign will incorrectly set these as opening quote marks unless you run a check for them. I show a sample InDesign grep query at the end of this post which you can customize for your text. Note that you will have to indicate both lower-case and capitalized variants – and that, for example, you might want to automatically correct 'em but manually check 'Em just in case it is a familiar form of Emily rather than a contraction of Them.

'Id al-Fitr
's Gravenhage
's Hertogenbosch
'T is
'T was
'tween deck
'tween decks

Find: ('|‘)(?=(tain’t|Tain’t|tis|Tis|twas|Twas|twere|Twere|em|er)\b)
Replace: ’